Hey, Aren’t Those All the Same Guy?

Chris “Weegee” Zähller

Chris studied fine art at the University of Oklahoma during the parachute pants and Studio 54 era. A notorious paparazzo, he’s often seen shoving his camera in visiting dignitaries’ mugs, without so much as a “Pardon me!”

Chris “Barkeep” Zähller

Chris’s 1st tipple was communion wine. We’re not sure what his duties are; something to do with mixing vesper cocktails “shaken until ice cold,” concocting new recipes for grenadine, and putting up batches of pimento dram. Nevertheless, he makes for a relaxed atmosphere in our offices.

Chris “Hack” Zähller

Staff Writer
As editor of his high school newspaper, Chris had the distinction of putting all 9 issues to bed late. His hobbies include writing sestinas about impresario Peter Meaden and making editors cry.