My Brief Life As a Photographer

Chris J. Zähller

Publisher, correspondent, author, photographer and dogsbody Chris J. Zähller

My name is Chris J. Zähller, and my 1st camera was a mail-order Kodak 110 Instamatic pocket film camera with a “stick” flash purchased by saving proofs-of-purchase from my mom’s feminine hygiene products. My 2nd camera was my mom’s Polaroid Land camera. I used a film SLR for a class assignment in the early 1980s. My next camera was a Canon Elph APS camera.

After that, I inherited a couple of my brother’s cast-off digital point & shoots. They were okay, but nothing about them made me want to spend my vacation travels with a camera in front of my face when I could just be enjoying myself, unencumbered.

Then something happened … to find out what, read my 1st essay.

Who Is This Site For?

Mercury Photo Bureau is a showcase for my work as a photographer and a platform for occasional essays about photography, written for:

  • Leica & rangefinder enthusiasts
  • Documentary & street photography fans
  • Aspiring documentary/street photographers
  • Available light photographers & enthusiasts

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