Leica Announces Improved M System Cameras, Price Increase

Leica Announces Improved M System Cameras, Price Increase

Leica M-P Type 240 Black


Since we posted this article on , both Adorama and B&H Photo & Video have started accepting preorders for the Leica “M-P” (Type 240) digital rangefinder camera. Orders are expected to start shipping in .


  • Leica “M-P” (Type 240)
    • Street price: $7950 USD
    • SKU 799429107734 (Black) 799429107727 (Silver Chrome)

— Leica Camera AG has just announced an upgraded version of their flagship M (Type 240) rangefinder, the Leica M-P (Type 240). The camera, which retails for $7,950 USD, incorporates cosmetic changes similar to the upgrade from the Leica M9 to M9-P. Removing the red dot logo from the front and engraving the top plate with the Leica script, the M-P restores the rangefinder’s classic appearance.

M-P Camera Improvements

Key improvements and differences include:

Leica M-P Type 240 Silver Chrome (Detail)

Leica M-P Type 240 Silver Chrome (Detail)

  • Scratch-resistant sapphire glass rear LCD display
  • 2GB image buffer allows longer continuous shooting (M has 1GB buffer)
  • Red Leica dot & “M” logo removed from camera front
  • Leica script engraved on top plate
  • Frame line selector lever added back (M removed it)
  • Info button, directional pad, & thumb wheel “blacked out” on black paint model
  • “Leica Camera Made in Germany” removed from top plate rear

Price Increase for M Also Announced

Leica Camera also announced that effective , the Leica M (Type 240) camera price will increase in both black and silver chrome.

Currently, both cameras retail for $6,950 USD. The price jumps to $7,250. Orders must be placed before to receive the lower price.


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