Skating Polly Show at Guestroom Records

Skating Polly Show at Guestroom Records

Kelli Finale (III)

Sensational Show Ends with Crash Landing

One of Oklahoma’s most anticipated music releases of dropped , with the release of Skating Polly’s 3rd full-length album, Fuzz Steilacoom. The album is already getting many favorable reviews, and has been in heavy rotation here at the Bureau’s offices since we received our preview copy.

, stepsisters Peyton Bighorse and Kelli Mayo took the band to the Oklahoma City Guestroom Records for a special pre-Record Day show. As usual, their performance was a high-energy, take-no-prisoners affair that ended with Kelli bouncing all over the tiny stage with her custom-made basitar [/ˈbæs-ɪ-tɑr/: a 3-stringed guitar-bass hybrid]. While she didn’t end up crowd-surfing (as she recently did at the 2nd annual Teenage Kicks benefit show organized by Peyton and Kelli), she did climb onto the kick drum twice. Unfortunately, she hadn’t thought about where she was going to land the 2nd time and fell backward behind the kit, bringing the show to a very exciting end. Although she didn’t stick the landing, Kelli was not hurt.

You can see more pictures of Skating Polly, read our exclusive interview, and see video excerpts from that interview in our archive Also, check out this cool GIF of Kelli’s stunt made by the great Doug “Dougonious” Schwarz.

Skating Polly — Alabama Movies

Fuzz Steilacoom is available at iTunes. You can also buy the CD at Amazon, or pick up a limited edition vinyl LP at any Guestroom Records location.

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