Rebekah Pulley at the Brick Café — Woody Guthrie Folk Festival

Rebekah Pulley at the Brick Café — Woody Guthrie Folk Festival

Guitar Break (I)

I am not certain [how many original songs I’ve written] — somewhere in the hundreds … although I only like two of them.

1 of 9 siblings, Rebekah Pulley
grew up in rural Alaska listening to her dad, Wallace (guitarist on Charlie Ryan
’s original recording of Hot Rod Lincoln), playing guitar. At a young age, she taught herself to play the instrument by ear.

With 5 full-length CDs under her belt, Pulley has earned critical respect and fan adulation alike. Her latest release is Tralala.

Although she has a backing band, The Reluctant Prophets, Pulley made her most recent official Woody Guthrie Festival appearance accompanied by festival band Oklahoma Geniuses, performing at the Brick Street Café. Festival regular Ronnie Elliot
joined in on Pulley’s final pair of songs.

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