Dan Weber at the Crystal Theatre — Woody Guthrie Folk Festival

Dan Weber at the Crystal Theatre — Woody Guthrie Folk Festival

Dan Weber (XII)

Singer-Songwriter takes 3rd Prize in Woody Guthrie Songwriting Contest

I love Dan’s songs and he tells really good stories.

It just keeps getting better for Dan Weber. In 2010, he won was nominated for the prestigious Dave Carter Songwriting Contest. 2 years later, he was a finalist in the Kerrville Folk Festival “New Folk” competition. This year, he won 3rd Prize in the Woody Guthrie Songwriting Contest, earning him a spot on the Crystal Theatre stage in Okemah, home to the annual Woody Guthrie Folk Festival.

His new CD Ash and Bone has garnered positive acclaim from American Songwriter Magazine and drawn the attention of the Great American Songwriting Contest and the Great Lakes Songwriting Contest. He’s even better performing live, exuding a genuine “aw shucks” air. You can tell he’s glad to be wherever he is, anytime — just ask the folks at the campground, whom he serenaded when he dropped by their campfire song-circles over the course of the festival. Be sure to ask him for a What would Hank and Jesus Do? bumper sticker the next time you see him.

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