Audrey Auld at the Crystal Theatre — Woody Guthrie Folk Festival

Audrey Auld at the Crystal Theatre — Woody Guthrie Folk Festival

Audrey Auld (III)

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Although singer-songwriter Audrey Auld describes her style as music with the dirt left on, that’s dirt from a distinctly different hemisphere — the southern hemisphere. Born in Australia and raised in the Tasmanian bush, she was exposed to music early on (her father played jazz piano and her stepfather was in a jazz band). Moving from classical violin in pre-adolescence to punk rock in her teens, she finally landed on country music as an adult, eventually releasing an EP, Audrey (now out of print, but available on the Reckless Records Garage Sale compilation), with Bill Chambers in 1997.

Audrey currently lives in Nashville, performing and recording under her married name, Audrey Auld-Mezera. She has released over a dozen albums, with her latest, Tonk, just out.

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