Taqueria Ruiz

Taqueria Ruiz

Salsa Picante at Taqueria Ruiz

Terrific Taco; Stellar Service

  • Location: 401 South Porter Avenue, Norman, Oklahoma
  • Restaurant type: Mexican fast-food (food truck)
  • Hours: Monday – Saturday; closed Sundays
  • Prices: inexpensive
  • Atmosphere: casual
  • Menu: extensive
  • Rating: 4 of 5

Last week I stopped at Taqueria Ruiz for lunch after running some morning errands. I ordered a taco revuelta with a mixture of pork prepared 3 ways: chicharróns (pork rinds), carnitas (braised and shredded pork) and al pastor (marinated and broiled pork). When I told proprietress María Ruiz that I’d like some of her very hottest (as in spicy) salsa, she said, Just a minute, and dashed back to the kitchen. On her return, she brandished 2 fistsful of jalapeño peppers and asked, Is that enough? I agreed that it was, indeed, enough. She then blended them, along with onions, garlic, vinegar and seasoning, pouring nearly a pint (~475 ml) of the resulting salsa into a strofoam cup. As I had only ordered a single taco and some rice and beans, I had quite a bit of salsa left over, which Mrs. Ruiz triple-wrapped for me so I could get the precious elixir home without spills.

The restaurant doesn’t currently serve alcohol, but they are associated with Los Dos Amigos (which has a beverage license), so that may change. Besides the great service, the food was delicious and inexpensive, and the location is conveniently close by for East Norman residents. Highly recommended.


This article was updated at to identify María Ruiz by name.

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  • Salsa Picante at Taqueria Ruiz
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