Shift, Davey!

Shift, Davey!

Davey at Blackbird

My friend David Goad (Kali-Ra, Of the Tower) and his wife Alicia are heading to Europe for vacation soon, and he needed a refresher course on driving a standard-transmission vehicle, since the rental cars will have stick-shifts. So I offered him driving lessons in my MINI last week. We tooled around in my neighborhood for a while before moving to the Lloyd Noble Center parking lot. Dave’s biggest trouble was forgetting to shift from 1st gear to 2nd. I should note that he never, not once, ground my MINI’s gears, so points for that.

After Lloyd Noble we took a supper break. Our 1st choice for dinner was closed by the time we got there, so we opted for pub grub at Blackbird Gastropub. While we were there I snapped this portrait. Dave and his band have a number of shows scheduled before he departs for Europe, so be sure to check them out.

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M-mount lenses do not provide aperture information to the camera body, either electronically or mechanically. Therefore, f-stop settings are approximate, and are probably wildly inaccurate. For what it’s worth, I usually shoot with my lenses wide open.

  • Davey at Blackbird
  • M9 Digital Camera
  • ISO:160
  • 50mm
  • 1/6s
  • ƒ/1.7
  • 35° 12.7167′ 0″ N 97° 26.7333′ 0″ W


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