Beats Antique Releases New Music Video (Skeleton Key)

Beats Antique Releases New Music Video (Skeleton Key)

Feather Dance (IV)

In September 2012, electronica and experimental world fusion band Beats Antique played the Diamond Ballroom in support of their Animal Mechanique tour. I was on hand to photograph, but didn’t have time to arrange an interview. A few days ago, their publicity team sent me an email announcing their new music video, Skeleton Key Skeleton Key - Contraption, Vol. 2, the lead single from their latest album, Contraption Vol. 2 Contraption, Vol. 2 - Beats Antique. Polish-Canadian director Basia Goszczynska employed stop motion animation to create the surreal imagery for Skeleton Key.

For the video, Goszczynska constructed the puppets and the sets from mostly found objects:

  • Seed pods gathered in Maui
  • Natural materials collected from Cape Cod woods & beaches
  • Lobster claws
  • A boar’s skeleton

Goszczynska’s rich visual style is characterized by a devotion to detail and an inventive mind. We hope you enjoy this 1st look!

Beats Antique — Skeleton Key

About the Featured Photograph(s)


M-mount lenses do not provide aperture information to the camera body, either electronically or mechanically. Therefore, f-stop settings are approximate, and are probably wildly inaccurate. For what it’s worth, I usually shoot with my lenses wide open.

  • Feather Dance (IV)
  • M9 Digital Camera
  • ISO:800
  • 50mm
  • 1/350s
  • ƒ/2
  • 35° 23.1226′ 0″ N 97° 28.6196′ 0″ W


Here’s a selection of photos I took at Beats Antique’s appearance at the Diamond Ballroom. Visit my Flickr collection, Beats Antique, for more pictures from the show. The collection also features pictures from supporting artist Lynx, an extraordinary singer, songwriter and beatboxer from the San Francisco Bay area.


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