New Portfolio: Music & Concert Photography

New Portfolio: Music & Concert Photography

Jeff's Guitar

I just uploaded some music & concert pics here. You can see more concert photography on my Flickr photostream.

About the Featured Photograph(s)


M-mount lenses do not provide aperture information to the camera body, either electronically or mechanically. Therefore, f-stop settings are approximate, and are probably wildly inaccurate. For what it’s worth, I usually shoot with my lenses wide open.

  • Jeff's Guitar, Empty Bottles Outlaw Country Music Tribute at The Deli
  • M9 Digital Camera
  • ISO:800
  • 50mm
  • 1/25s
  • ƒ/1.7
  • 35° 12.7841′ 0″ N 97° 26.6514′ 0″ W


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