Leica Price Drops Signal M10 Release?

Leica Price Drops Signal M10 Release?

Leica Price Drop Signals M10 Release?

Adorama, B&H, Amazon All Lower Price

Leica M9-P

Leica M9-P: Yesterday’s News?

Amazon appears to be selling the Leica M9-P for $6895 USD, while Adorama and B&H list it for $6995 USD. That’s $1100 USD off the original price, if you purchase it at Amazon. M9s are also selling at a steep discount. Could this signal the imminent release of the next generation of digital M-body cameras?

With Leica having scheduled an exclusive event in Cologne the day before Photokina 2012 and the recent leak of a supposed M10 prototype, it seems likely they will announce a major product release. Leica Rumors speculates the updating of some of Leica’s 28mm lenses. Oddly, the US Leica site does not mention the event.

Prices on eBay are likely to drop also, so now might be a good time to buy a Leica rangefinder if you’ve been on the fence. It seems likely that the Leica M8-2 will also see a price reduction — Amazon lists it for $6299 USD as of this posting.


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